Contributions to Outlander articles written by The Dipp Magazine writer Caitlin Gallagher

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Seeing your favorite book scenes come to life onscreen can be a mixed bag of emotions. Sometimes you get a beloved moment that perfectly represents exactly what you pictured in your mind. Other times you really, really hate what you see. But when the screen adaption nails it, it's bliss — just ask these Outlander fans who waxed poetic about their favorite scenes adapted from the books.

While the book series and show Outlander are not scene-for-scene, there are certain TV moments that come straight from the page and go above and beyond in doing justice to Diana Gabaldon's books. Here are some of the scenes that fans think Outlander did the best with adapting.  

Although most book readers fancy themselves to be armchair casting directors, they also know deep down that being in charge of casting a book adaptation is no easy job. Yet, even with this unenviable and daunting task, the people behind the casting on Outlander have oftentimes nailed it. Just ask these Outlander fan accounts, who picked the 17 best casting decisions the show has made.

With production keeping things fairly hush-hush, only eight episodes, and COVID-19 restrictions, it's been a struggle to figure out what will happen in Outlander Season 6. I've done my fair share of theorizing about Outlander Season 6 storylines, so I decided to turn to the experts.