CJ's Outlander Story

On a cold, overcast, chilly day in June… In the year of our Lord 2017 … My Husband was talking to his Mother.

It was a phone call that would ultimately change my life.

On any given day ending in y … If you were (brave enough) to ask my Husband what talking to his Mother was like... chances are the level of descriptivism required for such an event would probably put even the staunchest of interpretive dancers to shame ... but you would be left in no uncertain terms whatsoever that it is not a situation he finds at all pleasant and one, he would rather avoid at all costs.

That said, they do seem to share an interest in books and with it a love of reading.

On this particular occasion, thankfully, they were discussing books and while I didn’t hear precisely what it was my Mother -In -Law said, I did hear my Husband say, “Outlander? No. Never heard of it!” 

From what I could gather after that, it seemed my Mother -In-Law was insistent he read the books as she believed he’d be keen – given he always (according to her recollections) showed an interest in that particular period in time as a child and also because of the family connections to Scotland.

It is at this point I feel it necessary to point out the following:

1)       My In-laws are from the UK. My Father-In-Law hails from Aberdeen in Scotland. My Mother-In-Law is from Liverpool.

2)      They met while they were serving in the British Army. My Father -In-Law was a Mechanical Engineer. My Mother-In-Law... A Nurse

3)      They met quite by accident. My Father-In-Law was admitted to the British Army base hospital where they were stationed – after he rolled his Commanding Officers vehicle into a ditch ... and dislocated his shoulder.  my Mother-In-Law was charged with looking after him. 

-       Can we see a pattern emerging here? It seems almost incredible really doesn’t it.

-       We have the English Nurse

-       We have the undeniable Scotsman

-       We have the injury that brings them both together.

(Side note:  ...At time of writing this, my In-laws have been studying their family history and it seems they have ties to both Clan MacGregor and Clan Fraser! -Excuse me while my mind ye verily doth explode!)

And all that was said to me was that I’d like it because of the semi -naked Scotsman running around the Highlands.

That was all it took. On that *advice* alone- my journey into all things Outlander began.

Like most of us ... I was hooked and got chills the minute I heard the words “People go missing all the time” 

Three weeks later I admitted to having a crush on Sam Heughan.

At the time I joined the Fandom, Season 3 was a few months shy of starting. By the time it’d gone to air, I was blazing through the books at breakneck speed and was ¼ of the way through book 5 – The Fiery Cross. I had watched Se 1 and 2 three times each, had followed all the cast and crew on all their social media platforms and joined just about every Facebook group known to man that had even the slightest HINT of being Outlander related. 

It is now the 25th of April 2021.

Since that fateful day in June, I have:

  •       Read all the main books (I am still making my way through the novellas, short stories and LJG books)
  •       Pre ordered Book 9 – Bees
  •       Watched all 5 seasons (and am tearing my guts out waiting for S6)
  •       Become an admin for The Outlander Lounge
  •       Could probably tell you everything you need to know regarding everything OL related at this point

Without Outlander I would not have the friends I have or made the positive changes to my life I have. I will be forever grateful to its cast and crew for working so hard for us. To give us the most incredible show that’s ever been on television. 

And for that, I thank ye.