Cynthia's Outlander Story

My mom died in 2014, it was a sad time for me. One day I was watching STARZ and came across Outlander. It was the wedding episode. I saw the romance and tender moments between Jamie and Claire. I had never seen anything so beautiful. With the rest of season 1, I was comforted and I even laughed for the first time in months because of Rupert & Angus and their sense of humor.

I then joined MPC in 2018. It has been the best decision. I was inspired to do so much but also met life long friends. I often post videos and pictures on the MPC Facebook group page. I hope it inspires others.

I was learning Gaelic when I met Coach Heughan at NYCC in 2019. I told him how much I love it and that he inspired me to learn the language. I was so thrilled to meet him. 

To this day I will always be thankful to God for guiding me to Outlander. To Ms. Gabaldon for writing the books and to all the Outlander cast and crew who make the television series wonderful for all of us. They are all earth angels.

Thank You for sharing your story Cynthia!